My Dream…

I went to 앞구정 (Apgujeong) alone today. For the last time I got a glimpse of the SM building where I dreamed of being a trainee one day. While I was talking pictures I can’t help but think about my dream of becoming a singer. Yes, I want to be a singer like most of the kpop fans out there. Unlike them I started dreaming of becoming one at a young age even before I got into kpop because my mom influenced me to join a choir group in our church. Now that I think about it it makes ma want to hit myself hard. I let a lot of opportunities pass by like I always do. I’m very disappointed at myself for not reaching my goal. Do i still have the chance? If God will give me another one I swear I won’t let it pass by this time.


One thought on “My Dream…

  1. hello jinni~ i saw your link here on SHINee forums and decided to visit ^^.
    ahh it’s so cool that you visited there, and you live in S. Korea… i’m from the US..
    now that i think about it too, i also had a lot of missed oppurtunities (from when i was younger) to pursue my dreams… i believe you have the chance! keep working hard, i’ll pray for you~

    what is it like in s. korea? i’d love to live there one day, but it’s a scary thought to go there alone… but you’re so much closer to onew! haha <3

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