Day 2 & 3


Day 2

The whole day I sat on the sofa and stared at the books. I was so lazy but I really tried my best to read a few grammar keys and new vocabs. I wrote a diary entry in Korean so I could use the things I learned.

Day 3

I tried answering the exercises on the book and boy it wasn’t easy! On 연습 1 there were key words given and I had to make a question out of it and of course answer it. I seriously died thinking!! But thank goodness I answered it all correctly thanks to my friend who helped me by simply checking out my work. She laughed so hard when she read familiar names on my work! Like 온유 씨는, 키군, and 철아!!

At the end of Day 3 I drew the that picture above out of frustration! TADA! Isn’t cute? I love panda’s by the way^^

Will update!!

xoxo 진니^^


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