Passion to learn

I was reading some blogs regarding learning the Korean language. I’m really amazed by Shanna’s blog entries (Hangukdrama) out of the 5 blogs I read. It’s pretty simple but the entries are very informative. Like me, Shanna’s learning Korean as well but compared to her my Korean knowledge is nothing. Shanna set her goal and she’s getting near her success. I love how passionate she is in learning Korean which is very much inspirational. I was in the right place to practice Korean for I had the chance to live in Korea for a year and a half but I wasted my time on surfing the net ㅠㅠ.

Shanna is like my friend Zara who’s also passionate about learning Korean. Zara and I met in Korea last year through SFI. Zara is taking up Linguistics in University of the Philippines and majoring Japanese. She had the chance to learn Korean in 한남대 in 대전as a part of the exchange program she applied for. She’s now fluent in Korean than in Japanese! She’s a Korean-English translator in SFI. When I heard Zara talk in fluent Korean with her friend on the phone I was sooo jealous! We worked together as a translator in a research firm and I always asked help from her. Zara always tell me that my skills are good and fluent enough to be a translator but I think I still need to study more.

With this I decided that it’s time for me to take everything seriously. I don’t know if I’m really passionate to learn Korean because of my laziness. I have good books and resources which makes some of my online friends jealous, it’s time to put them in use rather than a display on the shelf. Like what the fortune teller told me that I can get pretty much everything but my only burden is myself, that I should decide whether to do this or not.

I set my goals and now it’s time for me to take actions so that I can achieve them.


4 thoughts on “Passion to learn

  1. wow! you just made my day! XD
    actually I’ve been so busy since uni started and I totally have no time fore korean recently besides listening to some kpop and watching 강심장! But after reading your post, I felt so motivated! Thanks alot ^^
    I’m sure you can achieve all your goals! 화이팅!
    It’s really nice to meet people who love korean too (:

    • Wow that’s good! I feel very much motivated after reading all your blog entries and I told myself that you’re a passionate learner! Everyone should be like you! Your hard work is paying off!!

  2. wow. I really like this entry. I’ve been much of a slacker lately and this entry made me think that I need to push myself a bit harder.

    I need some inspiration for me to continue learning Korean and you two are those inspirations.

    I hope to see more of your entries as the days pass. :)

    • we’ll be each other’s inspiration then^^ we can really help out each other on learning Korean!! bI’m glad that you two liked my entry! Shanna made me realize that I should work really hard.

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