I realized..

Last week I hang out with Zara and met some members from U.P. Arirang, an organization made for those Korean enthusiast. We went to a small karaoke room in Trinoma and sang some Korean songs (most of the songs are old btw). While singing along with them I realized that 동방신기’s Hug was a really cheesy song! No offense but I really find it funny especially now that I understood what the song was about unlike when I was 13 when I first heard it I was completely oblivious because my Korean skills were way toddler-ish then.

Now I’m listening to some old songs I have on my winamp. I’m trying to understand 동방신기’s old songs and I guess it’s safe to say that I’m proud of myself that now that I understood some of them now. I always loved their song One because of the emotions expressed through their singing and now that I know what the song is about I loved it more.

The advantage of learning Korean language!^^


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