Poem Toon 포엠 툰

I’ve been slacking on my Korean studies these days but my friend Zara lent me a  book full of korean poems! It has drawings as well! It’s so cute but the poems are a bit sad because it’s all about a guy’s love for a girl who doesn’t even look at him.

Reading the book improved my vocabulary list! So go read a something that’s in Korean!


5 thoughts on “Poem Toon 포엠 툰

    • i agree!! korean books have creative drawings and stories!! i have to go read 꼬마마녀 and 너무 슬퍼지 않아? T.T soo many things to read! hopefully they can help us to improve our korean^^

  1. Hai Jinni, I borrowed a poem book too ^^ it’s about love too but I can only read simple sentences. thanks for ur inspiration ^^ the poem book is called nan neo hanaman isseomyeon yi sesange buroul ke obseo. (somehow I don’t get the whole sentence -_-)
    see you soon^^ in sfi…

  2. 안녕하세요!
    I came across your blog and it really is pretty interesting. Like you I’m also a Filipina learning Korean. I’m looking for interesting books to read when I came across this post. Would you mind telling me where I can buy this book, please? It seems really interesting.

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