From Korean to Japanese to Chinese

The other day I had a fun talk on the phone with a former classmate. She’s Chinese but considered as Filipino when it comes to her nationality since she was born here. We talked about subjects I should take when I get back to school and she recommended Mandarin for my Foreign Language (ASEAN) subject. She brought that up because I was reading some conversational Mandarin that’s in my electronic dictionary which was written in pinyin. She said that my enunciation is good enough to pass the subject and I have the interest to learn Asian languages. I remember before I went to Korea I actually taught her a bit Korean and she taught me a bit mandarin and Fukien in return. She wrote some words and phrases in Chinese and pinyin and its translations. 你好! 我叫伋伱。< I don’t know if I spelled my name correctly in Chinese. I’d like to take the subject but I think it will be hard. I’ll be taking Mandarin right after I finished Japanese.

I took Japanese because I think it’s a lot more easier than Mandarin and it is very similar to Korean when it comes to grammar formation. Situational, Functional Japanese book was recommended to me by a friend, 해림 언니! She told me that the book is good for beginners like me! My friend Sammy sent me the books and I’ll be using that to learn in advance. I know how to read and write some Hiragana letters but there’s so many of them T.T and there’s Katakana to add to my list of things to memorize. Thank goodness Zara’s a Japanese major! Harhar! I have a lot of resources when it comes to learning other languages ㅋㅋㅋ.

I’m sad that there isn’t even one university that offers Korean Language. Students who went on an exchange program in Korea made an organization in University of the Philippines to teach Korean culture and language and it’s also a Korean-Filipino friendship org. Zara’s one of the members in that org who teaches Korean ^^. Hmm…should I make one at our university and beg some of my Korean classmates to help me teach Korean? ㅋㅋㅋ I think I’ll fail though since I’m lazy.

I’m glad that I’ll be able to learn all the languages I like!!!




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