Studying Japanese: Day 1

Since I’ll be having Japanese this semester I thought about learning it in advance since I have books. I know a couple of letters in Hiragana and that the grammar formation is similar to Korean which I thought would be easy for me. I printed a writing practice sheet for Hiragana and Katakana and it felt like I was in kindergarten when I was tracing the letters. I find it hard to memorize everything and it actually gave me headache. I’m not complaining and I think learning Japanese is fun! I couldn’t help but compare Japanese to Korean, like for example the characters used in Korean consists of 25 letters if I’m not wrong and Hiragana and Katana consists of more than a hundred characters. Koreans write foreign words in Hangeul while Japanese write it in Katakana.


For my first day of learning Japanese so far it wasn’t that good since my memorizing skills sucks a lot. I hope I get to memorize the letters before I go back to school so I won’t find it hard when class starts. I should take advantage of what I have right in front of me^^


2 thoughts on “Studying Japanese: Day 1

  1. haha! I took really really long to remember all the katagana and hiragana characters! XD But I forgot all of them alr. Just like you, I can’t help comparing between korean and jap. hehe

    hope you will have loads of fun learning Jap!! ^^

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