learning korean through variety shows

Before I went to Korea I already had bit knowledge about the language since I self study. I thought I was fluent enough to communicate with Koreans but I was totally wrong. Like I said 162904904th times already I’m lazy and only like to sit around, surf the net and watch tv. I like watching variety shows since they’re much more entertaining to me. Korean variety shows always have captions shown on the screen and with those captions my Korean improved! At first I write down the words on a piece of paper and later after the show I’ll search them up on Naver dictionary. When I got my own cellphone that has a built in dictionary I used that while I watch tv. I would save the words that were new to me and memorize them after that I’ll do this quiz on my cellphone.

I know that not all of you own a Korean cellphone but I think there’s a solution for that problem.  When you watch variety shows on youtube, write down the words shown on the screen and search then on Naver dictionary. Copy and paste the words and its meaning on your word document and memorize them. When you finally memorized all the words you copy and paste the meaning/definition of the words in random order in to a new word document and test your skills!

I know it’s tough but I hope this works for you guys!!!


4 thoughts on “learning korean through variety shows

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  2. I learn korean too from their variety shows…. ehehe
    But when you’re in this side of the world (Canada) it’s really hard to watch them. Cable is really expensive and nowadays the videos on youtube gets taken down due to copyright reasons.. huhuhu T.T

    • Hi there.^^ Yeah I agree it’s hard to find variety shows on yt these days since they take them down. You can try watch some on todou, it’s a chinese site but they upload korean shows.^^

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