My Playlist

There’s a lot of good songs these days and I want to share my playlist with you guys! At the top is a photo of my electronic dictionary since I don’t have an ipod I use that instead. I’m addicted to 씨야의 그 놈 목소리!! I really like the song and I like the 재발 그만  part that I even do that dance! Of course 샤이니의 링딩동와 JoJo is on my list! Actually the songs they have in their Y.O.U. mini album are on my list as you can see on the side of the picture the bar is at the top so you’re just seeing the half of my list ㅋㅋㅋ. I also like 4Men’s 똑똑똑 (Knock Knock Knock), seriously these guys should be given more attention since they have the talent and they actually have good songs so I think you guys should check them out.

2NE1’s CL and Minji’s Please Don’t Go and Park Bom’s You and I are on too~ Well their songs are undeniably great so no more further explanations. I like After School’s 너 때문에 ( Because of You) and I think they’re improving. I have 3 T-ara songs on my list but I often listen to 너너너 (You, You, You) because for some reason it reminds me of a friend I used to hang out in Korea^^

Share you playlist too! Maybe we both like the same songs~


7 thoughts on “My Playlist

  1. I love almost all your playlist
    specially please don’t go, jojo,
    ohh and 똑똑똑 i love this song so much !!!!
    thanks for sharing ^^ see ya on sfi :)

  2. thanks for sharing that song! ^^ I haven’t heard of them before~ Love that song!
    I’m addicted to 백지영’s 잊지 말아요.

  3. my playlist has over 200 kpop songs….
    most of it are dbsk songs…. lol…
    but nowadays i’m leaning towards shinee.. hehehe

    • i used to like dbsk but i dunno where they’re heading right now. you should listen to korean indie bands they have good songs, like rumble fish^^

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