Refreshing my Korean by watching 상상+plus

Since school started I didn’t have enough time to study Korean and review for next year’s KLPT. I’ve been really busy with school especially now that it’s prelims. I’m also not much updated with what’s been happening these days in the Kpop world and it’s so sad T.T I’m only receiving text messages from my friends.


I have my own internet!! Well it’s not really that fast compared to what I used to have in Korea but it’s alright atleast I can get access, right?

So during the weekends I thought about studying Korean but my friend kept on IMing me on msn to watch 상상+plus since SHINee’s there. Oh well~ I really couldn’t resist them so I finally gave up and watched the show. The video my friend linked me was not yet subbed so it made me wonder if I’ll be able to understand the whole show. While I was watching there were words and phrases that I couldn’t understand unless there’s a caption on the screen that explains what they were talking about *thanks holy caption for saving my poor korean comprehension*.

So I laughed and cried…because I was laughing so hard!! So that means I understood the whole show!!! Wee I’m so happy~ it actually helped me practice my Korean comprehension and I’m glad that my friend forced me to watch it without subs *hugs Zara*


I have 2 days to go and it’s my Christmas vacation!!! I’ll be focusing on my Korean grammar and speaking abilities on the holidays so expect more blog entries about my ranting ahaha~~~~^^ toodles!!


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