Okay I’m sorry if I didn’t update my blog like I promised a month ago T.T been busy with school and midterms is killing like seriously I’m really starting to hate Oceania, one of our major subject because our professor’s really arghh~ okay~ *calms self*

I promised myself to study more Korean and post about it here. I really want this blog to be rant free and I really need to stop comparing myself to other korean learners who I think are more fluent than me. I check Shanna’s blog everyday and thanks to her I found http://koreanselfstudyisntlame.blogspot.com which I think is very useful! I love his advices on studying Korean! I read everything and I realized I’m doing some things wrong *headesk* and one of them is comparing myself to others.

OH! 소녀시대 released their new MV today and I think the lyrics was -_- but it was cute though and I like the mv~ In my own opinion it’s kind of unfair for Trax who released a new song days before.

Since I don’t have much time I think I won’t be updating much. I really really want to help my fave forum to translate this variety show but because of midterms I can’t.


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