How to learn new korean vocabs

The other day I went to Zara’s place to study Korean. I learned a  lot especially technical terms used in the book I’m using. Like different kinds of cancers, crimes and criminals and a Korean joke or was it really a joke, I dunno ㅎㅎㅎ.

“가장 맛이는 술 뭐예요?” – What’s the most delicious sul?

Answer: 입술

means an alcoholic drink in Korean and 입술 is lips.

Today I was asked by a friend how I learn Korean vocabs and here are my tips:

  • Through Captions – I posted something about learning Korean through variety shows months ago and I really do guarantee that you’ll learn a lot from watching and plus you’re enjoying as well! The captions on Korean variety shows helps you understand the situation on the show. Write down the words on the captions, search them up on Naver dictionary and try using it in a sentence!
  • Doodle! – My friend Zara once told me that doodling Korean words she just learned recently is a good way of enhancing your vocabs! Just doodle it down on a piece of used paper.
  • Oh Oh Oh Oh 오빠를 사랑해! – words on lyrics can help you enhance your vocabs and it gets stuck in your head since your singing it as well!
  • Challenge yourself – I usually do this when I learn new vocabs and I think it’s pretty effective but I don’t know if this works for you. What I do is I write the words and it’s meaning and when I’m finished I check if the dictionary if I’m right or not.

I hope this help you guys. If there I find out more ways on how to learn vocabs I’ll definitely make an entry about it^^


6 thoughts on “How to learn new korean vocabs

  1. I like the tips provided here. I really think learning through captions from variety shows are a great way. Recently I’m beginning to enjoy the variety shows because I find them really funny! Thanks for providing the tips!

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