New Vocabs

These days I’ve been studying Korean a lot! i read my notes or my book in between breaks. I keep forgetting the vocabs and the grammar stuff I’ve learned in the past lessons so I went to the library and spent 3 hours studying Korean. I want to share the new vocabs I’ve learned so I’m posting this up.

I mentioned in my past entry that I learned different kinds of cancer and crimes in Korean so here are the following:

– cancer

피부 암 – skin cancer

애장 암 – colon cancer

위 암 – stomach cancer

백혈 – leukemia

방화 – arson

절도 (도둑) – theft

살인 – murder

유괴 – abduction (kidnapping)

사기 – estafa

강간 – rape

범인 – criminal

In addition my Korean friend taught me some words like:

사생팬 – super duper stalker fans < this is how he described this word. 사생 means one’s private life and 팬 is fan and I think it means fans intruding and stalking their idols a lot.

빠순이 – a girl who likes idol stars

빠돌이 – a guy who likes idol stars

줄임말 – shortened words ex: 소녀시대 – 소시 and 슈퍼주니어 – 슈주

성형수술 – plastic surgery

The other day I learned new vocabs too while I was watching 우리 결혼했어 ~ I really like learning new words ㅋㅋㅋ If you have problems memorizing words here are my tips on learning new vocabs and I hope it helps you a lot^^


4 thoughts on “New Vocabs

  1. hi jinni unnie :) im from sfi btw you might not recognize me because i have different name here haha, may i know what books do you use learning korean? hehe

    • I’m using Seoul National University’s Korean Series. It’s not available in the Philippines but you can get it online I think~

  2. Love the new layout, especially the header!! ^^
    thanks for sharing the new vocab you learnt~~ i learnt alot!
    especially the words your korean friend taught you! couldn’t learn that from textbooks :D


    • you’re very welcome shanna^^ my friend taught me more but i don’t think it’s appropriate to post them up here~

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