Something you should know

I struggled a lot to find a good site to learn Korean and also to find people who are learning the language. To be honest I had good books to begin with but I was really impatient when I want to do something fast and that is to be fluent in Korean. Back then I found some forums and websites but because I was in a hurry to learn I ignored all of them because I needed something that could help me in just one click. Back then I was really stupid and never thought that learning a language has its process and being impatient won’t do me any good to be fluent in Korean.

PATIENCE in my opinion is also a good key in learning a language. Like Steve Kaufman said “Language is a natural thing” but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to learn it in one day or two. It takes time and effort and also discipline! I know I am in no position to say this because I am also guilty with this matter but I’m just being realistic. I am trying hard to work on my Korean the past of months and it slightly gave me a boost to learn more and be more passionate about learning Korean.


3 thoughts on “Something you should know

  1. Aww, unni. :D Your posts are soo inspiring. :D I’m again inspired to study the language. :D Weee! :d <33 Teach me! :D

  2. 화이팅 Jeannie! It really takes a lot of sacrifices to be a master of a specific field. And I really admire you for sharing you passion with us. :D

    I hope in the future we can fully speak in Korean. In the meantime, let us keep the flame burning and continue with the quest of learning Korean. 화이팅!!!

    • thank you sarah~ we can do it but we also have to be patient because we still have a long way to go~^^ let’s do our best

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