If one doesn’t challenge himself/herself into doing something he/she won’t learn anything! Challenging yourself is good and you’ll be able to know your limits or you’ll find out if you could do much more better than you expected. That’s what I did today! I was preparing for my final exams week so I couldn’t take the time to sit down and study Korean that much so I decided to challenge myself into conversing with my Korean friends in Korean!  At first it was awkward because my classmate 정환 usually talks to me in Filipino but I guess it was okay since he was also enforcing me to talk to him in Korean. Our conversation were all about 소녀시대 and food though it was minimalistic it went well I guess.

I chatted another Korean friend on msn and the convo were all in korean. She was praising me a lot and I was really flattered but I think I have a long way to go to fluency.

Anyway, I was browsing on Naver and I found this funny 온라인 만화 you guys better check it out! It’s so funny and it might help you with your vocabs^^


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