Forgetting the Basics

Books @ the Korean Language Center in Guadalupe

A friend of mine who is studying Korean in Korean Language Center here in the  Philippines invited me to sit-in in their class yesterday. I was really curious how Korean classes go and how the teachers teach the language because I didn’t have any experience learning Korean inside a classroom with other students. When I got there I was fascinated when I saw the Korean books on shelves and test papers on the table. I couldn’t help but read the test papers because of my curiosity and thought that I could answer all of them. I met Jerome 선생님 , the KLC teacher who studied Korean in 서울대학교 for 2 years and lived in Korea for 7 years. I was very shocked when he spoke to me in Korea and all I did was to answer 네 in different kinds of intonations~ 네? 네~에, 네! 에? 예, 네~ it was funny because I didn’t expect that coming but Jerome 선생님 was quite curious about me. I replied in Korean when he asked me some questions about my life in Korea and how I studied the language by myself but I was kind of tongue-tied and I felt nervous because I am not that confident.

He invited me to join my friend and other students inside the classroom and told me “자기소개 좀 해주세요” and I replied loudly “네????” I was shocked again. I introduced myself in Korean and the students in the class were amazed because I spoke fast and one even shouted “사랑해요” which made me laugh a lot. While Jerome 선생님 was teaching his students he didn’t forget about me so he often asked me about grammar, words and he also made me write on the board. Every time Jerome 선생님 spoke to me in Korean, the students were really fascinated and I guess they were curious of what we were talking about. There were times when Jerome 선생님 ask me some words or grammar that I forgot and I felt a bit embarrassed because those were just basic words. Like I forgot 성격 which is personality in english, the opposite of 아직 which is 벌써,  the opposite of 끄다 which is 켜다 (to be honest I’m still confused with this two), and some basic grammar structures. I got really frustrated because I really don’t like making mistakes and forgetting easy words but I have to accept these kind of situations because it’s part of learning.

Though I was a major fail (in my opinion), Jerome 선생님 told me “대단해요~ 정말..” which made me smile but not totally happy with my failure. I’ll study hard this coming summer and I thank Shanna and Creativity Japanese for the encouragement and making me feel better!


5 thoughts on “Forgetting the Basics

  1. You sounded a bit dejected~ But don’t~ coz we all make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process. I’m sure you know more than you thought (and I think you do!)

    Just keep learning, and exposing yourself to the language. You are already good, it takes a bit more effort to become even better! Fighting!!

    • yeah i was a bit disheartened but i got over it because i know i have to experience that so next time it won’t happen again and like what you said it’s part of the learning process. I really want to engage myself into writing and speaking since those are my weaknesses.

      thanks for the encouragement^^

  2. I guess when you are in shock that the person you met spoke Korean so well that you had no idea how to respond and that’s exactly I feel!

    자기소개 Hope you comment on it and correct me if there are any problems! :)

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