While watching…

I’m really hooked to God of Study these days and I really want to finish it fast but my internet is not cooperating with me so I decided thought it’s illegal, I bought myself a fake dvd of the drama *ashamed*. But I’m going to write about something that bothered me a lot…the subtitles. Subtitles should be comprehensible and clear so the viewers of drama can understand what he/she is watching but I shouldn’t expect that from a fake dvd right? I don’t know how the people behind these kind of dvds sub the dramas especially how they translate them. I’m friends with Korean translators that voluntarily translates for international fan forums just to bring joy to fellow fans who are not good in Korean so I know firm they are when it comes to translating. I sometimes do translate some stuff I’m interested in like lyrics for example, I want it to be precise as possible so people will get what the song is all about.

While I was watching the drama I noticed the translated subtitle errors and mistakes. The picture posted above is an example of the error I noticed. The girl said “열심히 할 거예요.” and the translation for that is “I will do my best” or “I will work hard” but as you could see right there it was translated as “I will”…what? Maybe there was an error when they were subbing this, that’s what I thought but as I continue watching there were more mistakes I noticed.

Though there were a lot of mistakes I realized something while I was watching the drama. To be honest I was quite surprised and I think the wrong subtitles taught me something as well! I was able to point out the errors through listening comprehension. When you watch a foreign film or drama with subtitles you are paying attention on the subtitles rather than what you hear because even if you pay attention to their dialouges you won’t be able to understand what they’re saying. Listening is an important component in studying!

I’m really happy with what I’ve realized ㅋㅋㅋ~


9 thoughts on “While watching…

  1. i agree that when there are subtitles, we tend to rely on them instead of listen to the dialogue! It’s awesome that you’re able to point out the translation mistakes~~

    Translations, no matter how good they are, can’t express 100% of the original meaning ): however, i find that fan-subbing are more accurate than the so called professional ones! >.<

    is god of study nice? i feel like watching!! I'm watching cinderalla sister now and it's awesome!

    • Yeah, I was surprised myself that I know what they’re really talking about and my friend who was watching with me asked me most the time ㅋㅋㅋ Fan-subbed goodies are accurate indeed! I watch Korean shows on cable with subtitles and sometimes they cut some dialouges or exaggerated them which is bothers me as well.

      Yep, God of Study is good and I’m learning something too!^^ You must go watch it if you have time. I’ll watch Cinderella’s sister when it’s finished.

  2. 아직까지 넌 공신 마니아ㅋㅋㅋ

    암튼, i agree on this. most of the times, one does not even look at what’s happening but rather just look at the subs.
    and i also agree that sometimes, even korean shows shown on international television have subtitles which have quite uhm, yeah. XD
    i do understand that translating and subbing is really hard, especially if people are waiting for the subs, but hey, they should really be careful in making them since people rely on them.

    *whee i dun make sense* kthxbye.

    • ahemkbsworldahem~ thanks for replying~ it’s quite frustrating that when you watch sth in korean with subtitles you get the wrong idea because the subtitles are wrong. like whenever i watch SGB in kbs world they’re giving out wrong translations~ -_-

  3. i didn’t mention any stations! lol. kidding. yeah, they are most of the times like that. sad, cos i know there are sooo many foreign viewers for that station. ㅎㅅㅎ

  4. hey gal..
    wooots ive finally made an account.. I really wanna change my layouts to custom made layouts T_T”

    hm, for some reason I got bored of GOS after the first two episodes. Same thing happened to You Are Beautiful.
    Really dont’s know whats going on wif my brain.
    But I soo hooked onto “Prosecutor Princess”. hehehe 이상하다~

  5. Considering it is a bootleg copy, the chances are it was first subbed in Chinese, then the Chinese subs were translated into english. . .

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