1st year anniversary and updates.

Hello guys!

I was thinking when I made this blog. It already passed. It’s late but Happy anniversary to my beloved blog. Yes, I didn’t forget but you’re asking why I didn’t post any updates the past couple of weeks months, huh? Well it’s pretty much personal and I’ve been really busy with it. Wow,is it really been a year? It feels like someone’s playing with time and made it run fast. I do not dare backlog because I’m quite horrified with what I’ve posted here ahaha.

Most of my post were about my rants? no? And about how lazy I am and how envious I am with some people who are fluent already in Korean. In one year it’s been like that and I’m reflecting on them. I want this blog to be interesting to readers and I want to share good information, ideas, and  some knowledge or things I’ve learned. I’ll be starting afresh. I’m targeting fluency by the end of this year so I’ll maximize my self-study. I always say this that it’s really easy to learn something esp Korean but your greatest enemy is yourself. Procrastination and laziness is a big burden in learning something and it starts with you. It’s fun to actually gain something you really wanted. I’ve had those moments that I get too happy with such little achievements I get from learning something new and using them on actual circumstances. I’ll achieve more, I know.

I’ve been telling my 후배’s to study hard and don’t complain on how hard it is to learn Korean. I think I’m sounding a bit hypocrite since I don’t study Korean that much anymore. The past months I’ve been learning through TTMIK with their 이야기 sessions. I learn new expressions and words through them. I also get something new from new songs especially ballads since they are deeper. I’ll be tracking my Korean from now on through posting more updates here. I’ll be opening my books to study again.

I’ll be more optimistic about everything, do that as well^^ 여러분, 더 열심히 공부하자!


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