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I’ve mentioned in my previous post that the past couple of months I’ve been only listening to TTMIK’s 이야기 lessons and their interview with Korean language learners. It’s actually no surprise how much TTMIK helped Korean language learners from basic, advance to fluent with their free lessons and materials they are providing. For their free lessons they provide downloadable mp3 and pdf files to further explain the lessons, examples and activities to answer. The teachers are quite accessible so you can ask whatever you want regarding the lessons.

For interviews it can be in both Korean and English. I find the interviews interesting since the language learners encourage listeners to study hard and they also give tips on how to learn Korean and such. Every language learners have different kinds of approach on learning. I’m very much inspired with Koshiba Yuichi and I was really impressed with his fluency in Korean which made me ask myself “야, 진니야 뭐하니?”. My friend Shanna was also interviewed by 현우 오빠 posted on TTMIK and shared her thoughts and experiences in Korea as an exchange student.

My ultimate favorite is their 이야기 lessons. Ever since they came out with this I’ve been really hooked to TTMIK and even loved it more lesson by lesson. These lessons are for intermediate and advance learners but I think it might also help those who are still in the basics because you’ll learn colloquial expressions and also new grammatical structures and vocabularies. It helps those who are practicing their listening and comprehending skills.  Of course it’s not called  이야기 for nothing, they talk about interesting things like what you like, hate, about what you don’t know about Korea and so on. What makes these lesson more fun? The teachers themselves! They’re quite funny and they share their thoughts about the topic and let’s you join in the fun simply by leaving them a comment about the lessons and what you want to share.

I want to share how I study with TTMIK’s material, 이야기 lessons to be specific. I listen to their lessons and at the same time read the pdf file they provided. If I listen on my laptop I usually copy and paste everything on Microsoft word (since I’m a noob in adobe pdf reader) and use the “insert comment” thingy to highlight the words I’m not familiar with, look it up in the dictionary and put the meaning inside the comment box. I sometimes do try to translate the whole thing and check back and forth if I’m doing it correct.

Most of the time I use my electronic dictionary which has an mp3 player and text viewer. I write down the words or grammar structures that I’m not familiar with and check my books to understand it more. I also construct my own sentences with the new found words or with the grammar structures and ask my friend to check it for me.

TTMIK has a lot of features like they introduce and explain new words and how to use them, they have a community link feed where you can find tons of good sites relating to Korean language, and workbooks! Everything is absolutely free mind you~^^ They also have an online store where you have to pay for lessons that might help you boost up your Korean for a very reasonable price. I think with this site you’ll have fun learning Korean. Teachers are nice and friendly and like I said they’re ready for your questions and open to suggestions.

I do hope this post perked you up and made you more eager to learn and be fluent in Korean^^


8 thoughts on “Talk To Me In Korean

  1. i am thrilled to find your blog. i agree, TTMIK is like a gift from the universe — and i am doing more or less what you are doing with the 이야기, although have not been able to cut and paste the text into a word doc (the formatting goes wonky) and so i am just printing them out and doing a lot of highlighting and scribbling.

    great to find you! :)

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