Buwan ng Wika

Read the title and wonder what language and what it means? I think for my Filipino readers it’s a no-brainer but courtesy to those who don’t get a gist it means “National Language Month” celebrating a whole month of Philippines native language.

I’m a Filipino learning Korean but I’m proud to say that our country’s languages are pretty unique. Yes, you read language with an “s” meaning we have a lot. Here’s an info from wikipedia.

Our languages have Spanish influences since our country the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years. Spanish used to be a part of the school curriculum that’s why there are still traces of this language until now since it’s being passed to every generation. Example we use Spanish in counting or for reading time or just chatting with friends. It’s actually quite awesome to know some Spanish^^

Our native language evolved a lot. The past months have been quite interesting since “Jejemon” was born. I don’t know exactly where it came from but it’s a slang that’s being used by most of the young. There’s also “Bekimon” which came from Gay lingo. There’s also Taglish derived from Tagalog and English.

“Major major” is the favorite phrase these days ever since they heard it from 4th runner up of Ms. Universe Ms. Maria Venus Raj. It was the talk of the whole country and some said that even though she’s fluent in English she should’ve just used her native language to express herself more. Well, I do quite agree that with your own native language you can express what you really feel and your inner thoughts.

There are a few famous Korean nationals who speaks Filipino like Grace Lee, Sam Oh, Pinoy Big Brother ex-housemates Ryan Bang, Jenny Kim, Sophia Go, Jack Yoon, Richard Na and of course who doesn’t know Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Thunder of MBLAQ?

But no matter much it changes we Filipinos love our native language.


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