My Korean Skills

I just want to update you guys on my Korean skills. So far I’ve been learning a lot the past days with the book Using Korean: A Guide to Contemporary Usage. My friend Hangukdrama was right about the book, it’s like the perfect book for Korean learners since it answers all your questions, well for me it does. I’ve been so confused with -더라, -더니, and honorifics which I don’t usually use because I’m comfortable with 반말 and casual Korean and I’m really glad I found myself a copy of the book^^.

Okay, so far with my Korean comprehension I guess I’m not very much problematic about it. I can understand much more now unlike before I need to write things and look everything up in the dictionary. I’ve been watching 내 여자친구는 구미호 and 우리 결혼했어요 without subs. I think I’m doing good when it comes to understanding but still not yet satisfied. I sometimes misunderstand things and I feel like I still need to work on something about my listening skills.

Writing on the other hand, I think I’m not improving on this area. I only practice my writing skills on TTMIK and they say I’m good but I still have mistakes. I still dwell on my mistakes and learn something from it. I’ll give myself a grade of D- on this one. I’m not happy about this and I think I have to work hard on this area.

Speaking. I’m really really really trying my best to talk in Korean no matter what. I don’t feel self-conscious anymore when I’m talking and I only laugh at my mistakes now unlike before I get too frustrated. I ask if what I’m saying is correct and if it’s not I ask what should it be and what I have to use etc. I’m not THAT confident when I’m talking in Korean but at least I can do it even though there are mistakes.

I have lots of time to learn and practice my skills. I guess I need to work on my weak areas and increase my knowledge to fluency. Yay! Learning a language is a never ending journey.


4 thoughts on “My Korean Skills

    • a friend told me that when you’re dependent on subs you’ll get use to it so that’s why I avoided it and I think it helps my comprehension skills. oh girl we need to go back to korea soon.

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