Berso sa Metro / Poetry in the Metro

My apologies for the lousy photo :) and I do not dare translate this in English.

Y de pronto, no estás. Adiós, amor, adios.

Y ate marchaste.

Nada queda de ti. La ciudad gira;

Molino en el que todo se deshace.

At bigla kang nawala. Paalam, pag-ibig, paalam.

Nakaalis ka na.

Walang iniwang bakas. Umiikot ang siyudad;

Parang gilingan na dunudirog lahat.


Ángel Gonzáles

(Oviedo 1925- Madrid 2008)

Whenever I go to school I always see these Spanish poems on the train and I wondered why they have that there then I realized that it’s a campaign ad for strengthening the Filipino-Spanish bond and culture we have inherited from the Spaniards. For 300 years of colonization of Spain in the Philippines the Filipino people adapted the Spanish language. The message “Español, malapit sa ating kultura (Spanish, close to our culture). Just a station away.” is a good ad to get interested in learning the language and it’s close to the university belt^^ I checked out Instituto Cervantes‘ website, the institute that’s campaigning with those ads who is known around the world for encouraging people to learn Spanish. They offer courses for only around $150 and a set of books for only $40-$75 which I think is cheap. They have classes for beginners, intermediate and advance level and each takes 120hours to 360hours depending on what the level is.

I think this is a good campaign! Reading these kind of poetry on the LRT is actually amusing and it brings the Filipino people closer to our culture we had adapted.


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