What I need / Updates on my Korean Studies

iRiver Dicple D7 electronic dictionary image cr: gmarket

Last week something went wrong with my Korean dictionary while I was reformatting it. It started acting weird and the computer can’t read it anymore. I decided that I’ll take it to the technician and try my luck. ㅠㅠ Unfortunately they’re not  familiar with it’s hardware since it’s different and there’s no available korean electronic dictionary here in the Philippines. 아~~ 섭섭했다. It’s been a good a year and 8 months dear dicple d5.

On a lighter note~ I told my sister about what happened to my dictionary and she said that she’ll buy me a new one and will send it around next month. I’m really excited so I started checking some dictionaries on Gmarket. I wanted the same model since I’m really used to it but I saw Dicple D7 and it’s pretty~ It’s a touch screen electronic dictionary. My old one had CSD viewer so I had to convert pdf files but with D7 I don’t have to do that because it already has a pdf reader! I love it. I really hope that my sister sends it early ㅋㅋㅋ.

I’m motivated to learn more Korean these days. I really got inspired and I thought I should read more. I learned a lot of new grammar conjunctions, proverbs and idioms with the book I’m reading. I like the proverb “모로 가도 서울만 가면 된다.” which means “It doesn’t matter how you do things as long as you achieve the intended goal” but the literal translation is “All you need is to get to Seaoul even if you detour”. I always hear my friend use “뭐더라” when she’s thinking of something, I do know it’s like a sentence filler and it’s part of the colloquial speech that’s often used and I was surprised that even that was on the book. Fillers like 어, 음, 뭐지 etc are also explained in the book.

“한 걸음만 더 걸어라 성공은 바로 한 걸음 앞에 있다.” – Walk one more step, success is already a step away. This is my favorite.^^


6 thoughts on “What I need / Updates on my Korean Studies

    • I really hope so, I’m not used to not having one around makes me frustrated ㅠㅠ I had a hard time looking for a good layout for this blog but I guess this one good enough^^ Thank you for the comment Shanna^^

  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions about the dictionary. Is it possible to change the menu to English or is it only in Korean? Also, is it possible to translate other languages (Japanese, Chinese) into English or is it into Korean only? Thanks

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