Practice and learn more Korean on Twitter

I decided I should use my twitter to practice my Korean skills and I think it did me good. I met some Koreans who are studying languages like English, Japanese and Chinese. I think twitter is a good place to exchange thoughts and stories in the language you are learning with the native speakers. You can find some nice people on twitter who are willing to help you with your Korean. There’s also a portal where there’s a directory of Korean Tweeters according to tags like 연애, 가수, 스포즈 and such.

There’s also Easy Korean, Korean Times’ Mini Korean Lessons. They offer useful Korean phrases and slang words that’s often used. TalkToMeInKorean teacher’s do twitter too! They’re accessible when you need them^^ Really friendly people. I guess that this generation of language learners are lucky since there’s a lot of ways to do language exchange and practice their language skills.


I think I really got used to reading some Korean lessons before going to sleep. I guess the tip I got from God of Study worked ㅋㅋㅋ I keep on thinking about what I have learned the day after. I’m thinking of posting an update about what I have learned everyday, like a diary? What do you think?


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