Learning Updates


Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days or maybe it’s been weeks. I’ve been busy with reading and watching variety shows but all of them are related to learning Korean of course. This is just a quick update about my language studies.

On Japanese

I love to bloghop especially if it’s related to learning languages. I found a really interesting blog that made me want to study Japanese again all of a sudden.

OM! Agence is a blog that is helpful for language learners for it has text, pdf file downloads and podcast as well for free. The contributors are also language learners as well and they post in 4 languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English. I know the contributor Bangbang is a native Korean learning Chinsee and English. Check it out! It’s very interesting.

My Japanese friend and I were talking on twitter about Korean artists that are promoting in Japan the other day. I was really curious about the entertainment scene in Japan so I asked her to link me one show that will guest 소녀시대 this week.

She linked me a show called Hey Hey Hey! It’s a music variety show that’s popular in Japan she said. The video she linked me shows BoA, a popular Korean singer who also promotes in Japan and eventually became a big star there. She told me that in the video BoA’s Japanese skill was still not that good, of course I wouldn’t know since I don’t know Japanese and this made me frustrated while watching because I couldn’t understand much. The only thing I understood were “I’m 14 years old” and “What’s ももや?”. I’m not even sure if I heard them right.

I decided that I should use the same approach I did to learn Korean and that is to learn vocabs through captions. I forgot some Hiragana characters so I started relearning Hiragana days ago but I always end up giving them up to read my Korean book. I guess I lack motivation and drive on Japanese. I should think of another way to learn this language.

On Korean

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I think it really helps to read a variety of language books for they have different explanations and examples for grammar. I read random stuff and when I’m not sure about some grammar I check another book for further explanation. It’s been hard on me lately since I don’t have a dictionary so I had to write every word that I’m not familiar of but I guess this is more helpful because I think I learn more when I’m writing everything up.

I mentioned that I watch a lot of variety shows these days. I still do the same thing actually, learning and understanding through captions, the approach that’s very much effective for me and I also enjoy learning this way. I also make it a point to listen intently to what they’re saying to justify what I understood through the captions.

I practice writing through twitter but I guess this won’t do me good because I write in 유행어. Most of the time I write in slang! I better find a new way to practice writing. I haven’t been using my Lang-8 account so I think I better practice there and there are plenty of native speakers that will check my writing. The problem is that I always get mixed up when I’m writing. Sometimes I don’t know what to write and I end up writing something childish.

I have ups and downs in learning and I still have a long way to go even if some tell me I’m already good still I think good is not enough. I have to be more patient and think it’s a process I have to go through. I’ll just enjoy everything^^


8 thoughts on “Learning Updates

  1. Wow!!! Seems like you are doing a lot!

    The OM! Agence website looks really exciting~! I’ll be checking out the website again!

    Oh! Hey Hey Hey! I love this variety show~! The hosts are REALLY hilarious. But you might want to take note that these 2 hosts are from Kansai, so they have a tendency to speak in the Kansai dialect, and not the usual Japanese. (but Kansai dialect is a really fun dialect to learn! I love this dialect!) On top of that, there’s differences in speech between male and female in Japanese, so you have to be careful when learning the Japanese as well.

    Anyway, it seems that Boa just began promoting her album in Japan, and her Japanese ain’t that good, so she couldn’t speak as fluently, so that was why there was that “ももや”~ It doesn’t mean anything, and the hosts were just making fun of her proficiency~

    Wow~ I really think you are doing a lot to learn languages! All of a sudden I feel like I should do something about my Japanese as well~ since I’ve not done anything for the longest time… >.<"

    • I think I’m being lazy, I browse and when something catches my eye I read further more. OM! Agence is amazing! I learned some chinese through twitter and I was happy that I could read some in their site though I don’t know what the whole thing means I’m still happy that I could at least read.

      I didn’t know that there’s a speech difference between male and female! I’ve never asked my friend who majors in Japanese about that! And wow! I also didn’t know that Japan also has different dialects like Korea^^ I’m really glad that you’re pointing things out that I should know. Thank you!!

  2. I agree with creativityjapanese! you are doing alot for your language learning ^^ looking at you gives me motivation! :D I’ve been too caught up with school work these days. >,<
    OM! Agence looks like an awesome site. I'll be checking it out. thanks for sharing!

    • You guys are doing a lot too~ Funny that I give you motivation when I’m motivated to learn more because of you and creativityjapanese. I guess we’re each others motivation^^ Thank you shanna^^

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