I spend most of my time on watching variety shows online that I plunged myself deeper into the show without learning anything sometimes. When I’m watching I often hang out on a certain forum and spazztranslate. I do this to share the fun that there is in the show I’m watching and some people tell me to just translate everything since I understand Korean. Actually I’ve been thinking of translating for forums but I don’t think that I’ll be that helpful since my skill is still not good. <I feel weirded out about this line. Sometimes when I write in English the grammar structure is like Korean because I’m thinking in Korean. Is that a good thing?

I really really want to translate but I feel like I need to learn more to be able to translate accurately. I’ve been translating some stuff like 2NE1 songs, interviews, some articles and twitter/me2day/yozm posts of Kpop artists but only because they’re easy and short.

Today while I was watching 우리 결혼했어요 and at the same time I was browsing a thread for the show I read that the translator might not able to do her usual thing because she’ll be out so I thought maybe I should try it? And so I did. It wasn’t that hard but also wasn’t that easy. I could understand most of it but I couldn’t phrase it nicely in English. While I was translating I felt that the translation I did was giving off a different kind of feeling. I think that it sounded kind of cold but it was correct. I was thinking of rephrasing it to give off a better feeling for the readers but I couldn’t do that because it might led to some conclusion. I kept it that way so it won’t be off. When I refreshed the page a translated post was already there. I was about to give it up and just let the member translate everything when I noticed that it was kind of off? I’m not a good translator nor even close to one but I do know it was off. I read further more and the member said that she translates from Chinese subs.

I really wonder how the whole show is being translated. I wonder how these Chinese subbers phrase Korean to Chinese. I do know that it’s quite similar but still I’m curious. Like I’ve mentioned I’m not yet that good and I’m sure my translations are not that accurate but I have this translation OCD in me ahaha. I get frustrated when I can’t phrase Korean in proper English or can’t even find a right term/word for them. For me every word is important when it comes to translating. I still want to learn more and of course I’m eager to learn more than I could.

In the end I just posted the important conversation that happened in the show. I was glad that a lot of members liked it but still…I’m not satisfied.


4 thoughts on “Translating

  1. I’ve never done translation for variety shows, only the more serious current affairs articles. I do get that part when you mentioned OCD! When I translate, I do a lot of background reading so that I can understand the topic or subjects that I’m translating better, so when I translate, I think I have a better chance of using the “right” word. And I tend to re-read my translation many times, so that I can understand my translation (putting myself in another person’s shoes). Personally I feel that being able to translate quickly and accurately is really a challenge. Well, I guess at the end of the day, it’s exposing oneself more to different aspects of the language so that one can gain speed in translating. Well, I guess there is no end to learning a language! I’m sure even experts translators are still learning! So keep trying, failing and learn from the mistakes!


    • I wanted to try to translate serious articles but it far more difficult from variety shows where they only use colloquial Korean. It’s kind of weird to have this kind of OCD when I’m not yet that good though, I re-watch and listen more intently to the conversion when I’m not sure about some things. Maybe I should do that, putting myself in another person’s shoes? It’ll help huh? It’s really challenging to translate because you don’t want people to misunderstand things because of my work T-T

      Actually, just right now 2 members wanted to clarify some things about the translated posts I did and the other member posted. They’re confused now. And though I know I did translated it correctly there were some missing parts that should’ve been there, like more feelings? I had to explain what they were pointing out.

      Thanks creativityjapanese^^

  2. hahaha translation OCD! xD I totally get what you mean. I think I have this OCD too. I can’t stand translations that are way off. Now that I can understand dramas etc without subs, it sort of irks me when i see super inaccurate subs.

    Personally, I think it’s easier to translate Korean to Chinese! They share similiar culture and some of the sino-korean words will have the exact same chinese chinese characters with the same meaning.

    • You do translations as well right? I know it’s easier to translate Chinese to Korean like you said I just don’t get why it was off when it was translated through chinese subs? maybe the phrasing was wrong? I think most of translators have this kind of translating OCD because even my Korean friend who translates in English gets annoyed with off subtitles.

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