Translating & Updates on Language Learning

I’ve been procrastinating around so my apologies for I don’t have much to share about my language learning this time.

On Japanese

I realized that I like listening to Japanese conversations as much as reading and writing. I’m really amazed with how soft and cute it sounds. I making myself get used to how Japanese language sounds. I feel bad for not taking notes when I’m watching Japanese shows because I’m too focused on how they speak. I think my learning pace is really slow maybe because I’m not much motivated to do much on this language. I learned Japanese at school for a whole semester but I forgot everything after months of not being exposed to anything Japanese. I guess I have to look for more stuff that will interest me or maybe a thing that will motivate me to learn.

On Korean

I think Twitter is making my Korean worse day by day because I write in slang most of the time. I couldn’t get myself to write something interesting. I feel uninspired to be honest. Also I couldn’t get myself use the grammar rules I’ve learned! I’m getting confused these days. I need to balance everything up. I need someone to correct my writing as well. I don’t know, I have a Lang-8 account but I don’t use it.

I’ve been looking for good books on the internet the past days. I have this urge to buy a higher level of Korean books. So far I’ve got 4 levels of Korean books here and I want to purchase 5급 & 6급 already. I saw some pages of Integrated Korean High Advance 2 on the internet and it really looks promising because of the adequate explanation and Korean terminologies. I guess I have finish 4급 first before buying myself another set of books.

I also realized that when I learned a new word it doesn’t sink in my memory and I had to come across it somewhere that has an impact on me to be able to get it in. It’s kind of weird ahaha.

On Translating

A friend of mine asked Zara and I to translate something for her last night. I was really skeptical about it because I couldn’t get myself to translate much English to Korean because for me it’s much more harder to phrase than Korean to English. Zara said that we should to it together and that I could do it since it’s just 10 sentences with 20 words. I agreed but still felt uneasy about it. I took me so long to translate! It was easy but I really don’t know how to start phrasing them in Korean. I had some mistakes that Zara pointed out. My grammar was off sometimes though the thought was there she said it was just the  phrasing that’s wrong. Good thing she was helping me out.

I learned something as well when I was translating. I learned new vocabularies that I don’t use that much. I guess I should really work on my writing skills. I think I got caught up in translating Korean to English that’s why it’s hard for me to do it the other way around.

Same problems and nothing much improved. I’m getting slow at this. ‘Til the next update.


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