Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of updates I haven’t really been studying the past couple of weeks just a few readings here and there when I’m in the mood. I’m quite guilty for not updating and also for not studying when I have lots time. This update will be more on my procrastination.

There’s been a lot of distraction. I swear I really wanted to study but I’m just too distracted with TV, the fast internet and photography. This will sound like a lame excuse but I do learn something from watching. I watch a bunch of stuff from prime time news to dramas name it I watch them all, it’s Korean broadcast anyway. The fast internet is my biggest burden (well actually it’s not, it’s myself) and I’m just in love with taking pictures that’s why I spend more time on tumblr posting photos that I took. See? I’ve been really procrastinating.

One day I was in the right mood to open my book and study. The first thing I read was “지금 내 시간은 어떻게 가고 있나?“. It was like a big slap to my face. It’s like my book was trying to tell me “Hey Jeannie please read me, I’m not here for display.” I feel so guilty.

I’m actually studying right now. >.< I hope I won’t get lazy again.


One thought on “Quick Update

  1. I find this entry really amusing. :PPP
    i also experience this a lot. But I always TRY to motivate myself every now and then. LOL. there are also days I don’t want to study so all I do is just watch dramas and variety shows to gain more vocabs hoping it may compensate :P

    Have a nice day!

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