On memorization and remembering..

I was watching a variety show last night and I came across some terms that were familiar but I couldn’t remember. I kept on thinking about it until I fell asleep. Today, I still couldn’t get over it so I kept on thinking about those terms and finally I got them!  Kind of bothered about why I couldn’t remember those terms while I was watching. I could check Naver but I refused to because I was quite sure that I knew them. How about you guys? Got yourself in the same situation?

This reminds me of Creativity Japanese’s entry about maintaining enough interest on learning. She mentioned we remember terms better when there’s an emotion triggered. Like the times we watch shows, read something or listen to songs or podcast, we remember terms, vocabs and sentences better since we’re interested to know them that we’re emotionally on it whether it’s sad or funny.

The reason why I couldn’t remember those terms was because I just memorized them from a book and never encountered them in a situation. I’m a good at memorizing but it seems like its just for short-term. Like what we do in school for a test and such, we memorize a lot then and after the test we forget about it. No emotions were triggered just the brain working for the short-term memory.


13 thoughts on “On memorization and remembering..

  1. So true! I tend to remember words and sentence structures that I learn through variety shows better. And yeh, i know how u feel X) I hate forgetting something that I already know haha.

  2. That’s soooo true!

    I often just forget almost all of the words I learn from my language sources. Which is really frustrating. But once I encounter them on variety shows/dramas, I feel like it’ll stick to my mind better. Hahaha. So I must say, we should never force ourselves from memorizing all these vocab words. The more we do, the more we tend to forget them easily. :)))

    • It’s like put into our short-term memory and drains them out after we read them. I think if we concentrate more we’ll remember those things we memorized because sometimes I do remember them. Emotions are important in studying as well^^ Thanks for the comment~

  3. I remember, when I took a short Korean course, we were ‘forced’ to memorize almost a hundred words a day for one week. I managed to memorized all of them. 4 years after I joined another formal class. On that class I encountered again the words from my previous class, but I can’t remember them anymore. I just know that I know those words before but I can’t remember them.

  4. I used to have those incidents as well when I was learning Japanese. I got into those instances where I was really upset with myself when I know that I know them yet I don’t really know them.

    I’ve changed my approach recently. Right now I’m focusing on reading from various sources and forcing myself to look up the dictionary. All these done with the hope that the term “gets stuck” in my brain. LOL~

    Hmm~ we should all work towards long-term memory, shouldn’t we?

    Btw, thanks for the pingback! ^^

    • Thanks for the comment. I guess we all go through this and it’s part of learning. Long-term memory indeed! Maybe I should change my approach as well? You’re welcome, I find your entries interesting^^

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