Review and practice

I’m not sure if I made it to 왕 class but I think this is a good time for me to review the things I’ve learned and learn the things I skipped.  I never finished a single book I purchased so I’ll spend my time on finishing some before Sunday. I also skipped some lessons and I think those I skipped are the missing pieces to my broken Korean.

I’m quite anxious about Korean classes on skype. Anxious excited and anxious dreadful. It’s my first time to take formal(?) classes and the thought of interacting, meaning to speak with other people in skype class in Korean is making me nervous but I’m still looking forward to it. I have to really push myself so I can learn more. Sharing ideas and expressing myself in Korean is my weakest point. Yeah, I can comprehend what I read and understand what I hear but how can I make people understand me? I want to step out of my boundaries so I’ll get to learn more and of course even though I still have a long way to go at least it’s a step closer to fluency.

I  did some practicing today. FAIL. I was actually recording for my audio blog but I kept on stuttering. First, I tried to talk freely about things I like in Korean but words won’t come out right though I was thinking in Korean, formed the right expressions and grammar in my head but wrong things came out of my mouth. BLEHH. Second try, I read a passage in Korean. At first it was smooth but it came out bad at the end. I was taught how to read the right intonation in Korean by our 제부 and he said I did good but for some reason I couldn’t do it right today.

I’ll do it again tomorrow until I get it right. I get annoyed with myself when I don’t get something right so yeah I hope everything goes well. I won’t give up when I’m halfway there.^^


2 thoughts on “Review and practice

  1. 화이팅! You can do it!
    And I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m almost the same – but on a lower level. My comprehension keeps improving, but expressing myself orally is the most difficult. Even reading out loud is still a challenge. When I read, my eyes have already finished the entire sentence and my mind have comprehended it as well, yet my tongue is still stuck on the second word. :(
    We should keep practicing talking in Korean… =.=

  2. Thanks for the comment. I guess I really have to make more effort and practice reading out loud and expressing my opinions and ideas. How did you do on your speech contest?

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