Pegasus Society for Korean Classes [왕 코스]

I got to know about this Skype lessons through Kat and Alodia‘s blog. It’s a good way to learn Korean since it’s being taught through Skype where you can actually hear the teacher talk and also interact with other students. There’s 3 levels of classes which are GoGo (초급), Push It! (중급) and 왕 (고급). I actually applied last month but since it was full already I had it this month so I guess it was okay. I signed up for 왕 class, courageous enough to take a bigger challenge.

Allan. That’s the name of our teacher’s name. At first I thought that this will be conducted by a native Korean but surprised when I found out from Kat and Alodia that the teacher is also a foreigner. Allan conducted the lessons well and explained in details in full Korean. He’s the first non-Asian Korean language learner that I know that can teach Korean the way he did. He’s nice and I guess he’s also patient because ahem the way I handled the questions were kind of bad. He kept saying it’s okay and I should put more effort since I give up on them easily without trying hard.

The lessons were quite hard, in my opinion. They have depth and the further you go it gets more interesting. Challenging but worth it. I think it’s beyond my level but I knew this from the start but still pushed myself so I can improve my skills.  There’s only me and Shanna in our class so it was a lot easier for us to answer and interact with each other.  We skipped some lessons and Allan just told us to have them as homework. We followed the outline and finished them on time.

We started around 9 KST and I thought it was 10pm! Shanna and I were planning to practice with each other first before class.  I was prepared for lesson 1 but since I was too nervous (seriously if you were here you’d laugh at me like my sister! I was shaking a lot and turned pale!) I forgot everything! My introduction was good but after that it went all so wrong! Shanna did very well in class! I can sense that she’s really into learning (not that I’m not but still… ㅠㅠ).  I stuttered and did badly at some activities.

I just proved to myself that I’m really weak at writing, speaking, and phrasing English to Korean. Even though it turned out bad (for my side) I learned quite a lot! I was able to interact with Shanna and Allan and spoke a bit Korean. My reading was quite a disaster and Shanna told me that she could hear how nervous I was. Got a bunch on homework to do but at least I have something to work on now!

I’m happy  that I got to talk to Shanna for a quite a bit through video call. I can’t wait to meet her in real life.


5 thoughts on “Pegasus Society for Korean Classes [왕 코스]

  1. Aw I wanted to try this (the Push-it Class), but it’s at 6am my time… =___= I had signed up, but it’s way too early for me lol =______= sounds like a really interesting class (the one you signed up for). I guess the only way for me to practice talking is with people from lang-8 on skype XD

    • Wow that’s too early! It was really interesting. I don’t know how they do it in Push -it class though but I bet it’s also fun. You made a lang-8 account? That’s great! I’ve been using my account the past days to practice my writing. Thanks for the comment Sherry.

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