I frequent on twitter these days and noticed that CoreanBigSis is following me. So glad that she’s following me! Exchanged a couple of tweets with her and found out that she’s really a 국어 선생님. I like how she explains everything clearly and gives out a bunch of examples. Pretty much accessible through twitter^^ I practice my Korean with her and if I get things wrong she corrects them for me then explains. So nice!

She also put up a site where you can get free learning materials and the forum is my favorite part! Bunch of stuff you can learn here! You can have your writing checked, you can asks everything about Korea, the language and such. The site introduces you to new stuff that’s “IN” in Korea, for examples dramas, Kpop, news and translations as well^^

I learned quite a lot in a day just by talking to her on twitter! I now know why Koreans don’t have 4th floors in buildings. Rules and how to use some words in a sentence. I practiced my writing. She’ll let you talk about the topic that you want and learn something from it in Korean. No boring stuff. Since she’s really a teacher she knows what she’s talking about.^^

She told me that she’s planning to put up audios and a one-on-one class through skype which I think is a good idea. I’m quite excited about it^^ Check her both on twitter and at

I should be sleeping right now, this post is just a quick introduction of an awesome 선생님 and site!^^

PS. Though I don’t have enough time to study these days I still learn new things because of her! You have no idea how I’m happy because of her! *WIDE SMILE*


5 thoughts on “CoreanBigSis

    • I see you’re following each other too! SHE’S JUST SOOO AMAZING! I learned tons today because of her! I really hope the one-on-one class pushes through!

  1. Wow~ This looks interesting! Thanks for sharing! Will go to the site and check on it! Thanks once again!

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