The problem on being advance.

Weird huh? Even advance learners do get problems. My friend on twitter pointed out that it seems like those who learned Korean for the longest and now advance are having problems with using basic stuff like 은/는/을/를/와/과/이/가. I have the same problem.

I guess I got too used to writing without those particles but they’re still important when it comes to writing a formal or official letters. My Korean penpals on one sight keeps on correcting me because of those particles and one said that she thinks I’m advance but confused with basic grammar. CoreanBigSis corrects my writing with the same reason and told me that it’s actually natural to drop the particles since Koreans themselves don’t use them that much when it comes to speaking and sometimes in writing through social networking sites etc but when it comes to formal writing it’s a must!

Learning the basics won’t hurt so I think I need to review them. Although I’m advance I really need to work on my writing skills.

To lighten up everything I got this

Happy much!^^ Now I can sleep.


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