Korean Books.

Yonsei Korean 4, yonsei Korean Grammar for International Learners, 서울의 시간을 그리다, Yonsei 한국어 For International Learners Korean 4 & 5, Yonsei 주제 있는 한국어 읽기 5급

These are the book I bought so far this year, all of course connected to Korean studies. I bought 3 Korean grammar textbooks, 1 Korean grammar reference book, 1 Korean reading book and a novel about places in Seoul demonstrated through sketches. I have one book missing actually but I already posted it here. I think I won’t be able to control myself on buying books. I haven’t finish SNU 4 and 2 4급 textbooks from Yonsei that are in the photo above.

I’ve been spending more time on studying these days and I feel the contentment of having time to review and learn new things. 화이팅 to us learning Korean^^


12 thoughts on “Korean Books.

  1. I’m addicted to buying books. I have more than 20 Korean books and I’ve only finished about 2 of them. I’ve banned myself from purchasing more. I tell myself that in order to earn a new book I have to finish one that I already have. Good luck with everything. 화이팅!

    • I think it’s because of our ‘need’ to learn more that’s why we keep on buying books since we’re not satisfied with what we have hehe. I bet you bought a bunch as well since you’re here in Korea^^

  2. Uhm…are you the ‘lyrynne’ who commented on my blog about a month ago? You recommended SNU’s Korean textbooks. You have tons of books! I’m still saving up and still contemplating. T__T

    • Yup, I’m the only ‘lyrynne’ in the cyberworld ^^ Yeah I do have tons of books but the problem is that I barely use them since they don’t satisfy me. You can go for either Yonsei and SNU, both are great books. I know how frustrating it is to look for a Korean book in the Philippines, I was like that when I was in high school though I already had 2 textbooks then and totally ignored them.

  3. Oh! I’m glad I found your blog. I wanted to thank you for recommending SNU. I found a pdf file of SNU 1 *bows head in embarrassment* It’s pretty good. I’m thinking of buying it too since some texts on the pdf file are not clear which makes it hard to read. It really is hard to find books here and buying books outside the country is also a bit of a hassle coz the shipping fee is expensive. T^T

    • You’re welcome^^ SNU 1 is the oldest book I had and it was passed around in class when I was in the Phils and then last year someone lost it huhu. It’s a good book for self-study and the grammar points are really helpful.

  4. I wanna buy a korean book, but i don’t know who the best, what you think about? I’m between Yonsei and Korean Grammar for International Learners.
    Thanks for you answer ^.^

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! If you’re a beginner I recommend Yonsei or SNU textbooks. Korean Grammar for International Learners is a dictionary type and the given examples are sort of intricate.

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