2nd year Anniversary Giveaway!

I can’t believe that this blog is 2 years old this month! This blog means a lot to me (though I don’t post much) because I met amazing bloggers with the same passion in learning Korean! Sharing the knowledge and the experiences through blogging is a good way to know how much you’ve improved and grown. I don’t know if my entries interest you guys or if they’re informative enough but thank YOU for sticking with me.

I thank Zara, a good friend of mine who I met here in Korea for pushing me to study more and for helping me with the things I’m not sure of. Woah~ and we’re stuck with each other! I miss you by the way<3.Shanna, the first blogger I met (and soon to meet in person) and for proving that self-studying can be an effective way to be fluent in one language. CreativityJapanese, for the encouragement and for the wonderful post about studying. Archana, for being a great spazzmate and a good language buddy. For every bloggers that I’ve met through this blog, THANK YOU for sharing your experiences and tips on learning Korean.

So in order to celebrate the two year anniversary of my blog, I’ve decided to do a Korean textbook giveaway. I’m going to giveaway Yonsei Korean textbooks, one book each to two winners and since they’re expensive I really want to give it to someone who’ll make the best use of it so I’ve decided to come up with a small essay contest. I know it’s too old school but I really want to know how passionate a person is to learn the language. I’ll be shipping worldwide by the way^^

Also, I’ll be giving the books depending on your level of fluency. Level 1 and 2 are for beginners, level 3 for intermediate and level 4 for advance intermediate which has no English in it. Be sure of the level you’re going to choose because I won’t be exchanging it for another level. In 400 words or less, please answer the following questions…

1. What made you (want) learn Korean?

2. What is your motivation?

3. Goals in learning Korean.

You can send your essay to lyrynne@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter for updates deadline on Sept.05 12MD KST. Good luck^^

If you have any questions just drop a comment and I’ll get to you^^

23 thoughts on “2nd year Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. Wow!! The giveaway is ~ wo~ Indeed I’m already envious of the person who’s going to win these!

    Anyway, congrats for the 2nd year anniversary! Hope there will be more good years ahead and that your proficiency will be as good as natives, if not, better! ^^ Fighting!

    • Yours, Shanna’s and mine are 2year olds this year! Thank you! You’ve been really great and I’m glad you updated your blog^^

  2. Wow! Congatulations Jeannie. That’s really thoughtul of you. I really admire your passion in learning Korean and how you inspire others to learn Korean too. You inspire me to continue learning Korean. It has been nice reading your posts this past 2 years. Anyway, good luck to whoever’s going to win. For sure he or she will be extremely happy.

  3. 오~ 안녕하세요~ 난 튀터로 당신의 블로그를 알게 됐는데…
    내가 국어를 배운지 벌써 3 년이 되지만, 실력을 더 늘고 싶어요 당신의 콘트스트 를 노력할거예요~ ^^

    Thank you for the contest opportunity I will try my BEST!!! :333
    Yonsei Books are quite expensive .>.<

    • Hi there! Thank you for joining my giveaway contest! Yes, they’re quite expensive that’s why I’m giving some people a chance to at least have one book^^ Good luck~

  4. Oh! Wow! It’s so nice of you to giveaway Korean textbooks. I agree, Yonsei textbooks are really expensive~ I’m gonna join and try my luck. Is there a criteria for choosing the winners?

  5. Congratulations, Jeannie! It’s been fun reading your posts (and your pictures at tumblr!). Thank you for writing and holding the anniversary giveaway~ xD

    I have just sent my submission. ㅋㅋㅋ

    Would you mind sharing your answer for the questions too? I think it will be an interesting read. :D

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  7. Wow thanks. These books are impossible to find in Spain (of course ¬¬…) and the shipping is ussually very expensive if you buy them online T_T.
    I want to participate, but I’m a little afraid of my English skills (which I think are getting worse and worse) does it matter? ^^;;;

  8. I like your blog. You have many books about Korean. In my university students learning Korean use Yonsei Hangugo. I try learning Korean alone. but I’m not good at it.

    • It’s hard to self-study but with enough motivation you’ll get used to it. You should check out reviews before buying books.

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