Meeting Friends and Sight-seeing

I guess this is a year that I’ll be able to meet the bloggers I’ve been following online. Three online friends actually arrived here in Korea and L’m so excited to meet all of them! I actually met Sherry the other day and we went to 3 places in Seoul. First in 명동 where I missed Shanna who was hanging at Cafe Bene then we went to 인사동 and we were really fascinated with 쌈지길! Amazing place! And walked along 청계천 to 광화문. It was really tiring but had fun and I really really like 인사동!  The stores there are phonetically spelled in Korean like this

Insa-dong is filled with traditional stores, original art designs and modern Korean things and of course Kpop stuff. I wanted a customized stamp but it’s 30,000won ;A; I was a bit broke then so maybe next time but here are the photos..

There’s more people in 청계천 in summer than last winter..

Will post more in my tumblr so keep on checking^^

6 thoughts on “Meeting Friends and Sight-seeing

  1. are those the ones that you took with your iphone? they turned out really well ^_^
    I’ll have to post photos later too.. so backlogged =__=;
    It was super fun hanging out with you though :D Thanks for showing me around ㅋㅋ

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