Adventures with Shanna in 혜화동/대학로

Finally I met Shanna! I actually woke up late because I thought Shanna cancelled but it was only a dream OTL. I was panicking so everything ended up so wrong even my eyeliner gahh! I did everything in a hurry because I didn’t want Shanna to wait long but in the end I made her wait for more than an hour *slaps face* So when I got there I told her I’ll treat her lunch and we went here

We talked about so many things and we actually comfortable with each other! I think it’s because we’ve known each other for so long though it was only on the internet. We’ve known each other for 2 years already through blogging. I actually got inspired to do this blog because of Shanna and her blog^^ In the span of two years though we don’t talk as often as we could we became really close since both of us have the same love and passion for Korean language. It’s quite nice to meet her and I’m looking forward to our next adventures~^^

After lunch we went to sight-see and take pictures outside but since the rain became heavier and the wind was crazy we decided to go to a cafe, A Twosome Place.

We actually didn’t want to buy anything and just wait for the rain to stop but we got really really attracted to the cakes! So as you can there’s a cute cake and an iced chocolate above..ahem! Shanna suggested that we should try to talk in Korean and I was a bit not sure because my skills are bad but we did anyway and I felt really comfortable talking to her in Korean! She spotted a Hello Kitty Cafe while we were inside A Twosome Place ;A; 아쉬워~ We should’ve seen it earlier so we could have stayed there.

We decided to take sticker pictures here! If you’re wondering what 얼짱 is i’s derived from the words 얼굴 (face) and 짱 (good, great, best). It’s 7,000won in 명동 but it’s cheaper here it’s only 6,000won and the machines were the same with the ones in 쌈지길.

We look closer right? I really had fun taking these pictures with Shanna and I love designing them was awesome!

We went to a super cool museum about afterlife and here’s a preview of that while I’m waiting for the videos to upload..

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