[Audio Blog] 더듬거리며 읽었다

My first ever and horrible audio blog. In this you’ll hear me reading a passage in Korean and WARNING: EARSORE.

I stutter and got tongue-tied and you can actually hear how frustrated I was at the end *smack self*. When I was reading this I understood what I read but when I listened to it a few times I didn’t quite get a thing of what I was listening to. O.o I murdered the passage!

I really need help with my reading, the intonation, and maybe I have pronunciation problems as well since I actually mispronounced a lot of words like 걱정  became 곡정. If you have suggestions, advise and opinions please feel free to drop a comment and I will give you a big hug! *opens arms*

PS. I saw this page on TTMIKpage on Facebook about a study group and I got really interested so I messaged them and ask if I could join in. It’s a small group of foreigners learning Korean and they invite people to join in to study with them or help those who are having a hard time studying the language. So prolly next month I’ll get to join them. I was actually hoping that we have our own group, I mean with people I do know so it won’t be awkward hehe.

14 thoughts on “[Audio Blog] 더듬거리며 읽었다

  1. This is goooooooooood, 많이좋아해요. Please record yourself more often Jeannie. Although I don’t really understand what you’re reading hi-hi-hi, but this fun. 너무 재밌다! 화이팅 Jeannieeeee ♥

  2. I’m in no position to give any suggestions since I’m still a beginner. T__T But I listened to the audio from start to finish even though I barely understood any word from the passage. I wish I could form a language group here but unfortunately, I think I’m the only Korean language learner in the city where I live.

    • Where are you located? You can have skype sessions with Koreans or learners. Oh I guess I read everything pretty badly even my friend said so.

  3. LOL you are so cute, Jeannie, especially at the end haha. It wasn’t terrible! I guess just keep reading out loud to practice? I do that a lot. It’s funny how I “say” everything perfectly in my head but it comes out as a jumbled mess when I try to speak. I want to record myself reading something too. Hehe.

  4. My very first attempt at reading korean in front of my teacher was even worst off than your sound recording. I was reading in this manner : read one word, pause, next word, pause…i almost spit out some blasphemies in front of her, omg!! I was that vexed n frustrated n worse off, short of breath.

    But one invaluable tips that she taught me which i remembered until today which helps me a lot in my reading n which i hope will help u too in yours is to read a word with your eyes on the following word..i’m not too sure if u ever heard of this but for me, that piece of advise is new to me so it takes a lot of effort for me to adapt to such reading style. After months of practise, i’m happy that my reading has improve a lot.

    Practice hard n i’m sure u can do it..파이팅 진니씨 ^-^

    • Really? I’ve read something out loud in front of a number of students when I got a chance to sit-in in my friend’s korean class and it wasn’t as horrible as I did with my recorded audio T.T I wonder why it went well then. I’ll take your piece of advise it might come of really handy. Thank you^^

  5. Practice more and you will get better! Reading is hard, especially the intonation! 같이 화이팅~~! hehe after seeing you do this, i was inspired to do my audio blogs again xD i’ve been so lazy

    • Intonation is really hard! Like I have to listen to natives when they read because it’s quite different in English or in our own language. Oh~ Will check yours too!!

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