Giveaway Winners!

First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in my blog’s 2nd anniversary giveaway. I didn’t expect that I’ll be receiving a lot of entries and it quite touching to know that there are more Korean language learners out there! To be honest, at first I thought this giveaway would fail since I do know that I have more lurking readers than those who actually comments on my posts XD.

It’s been really hard for me to decide which entries to choose so I asked my fellow language blogger Archana to help me out. We actually picked up 3 entries and thought about our decision quite carefully. I honestly wanted to just give 3 books when I read the essays but that’s impossible for I am low on budget T^T So it broke my heart to drop one entry. I’ll be sharing some quotations from the entries that made me and Archana liked them.

My motivation to learn Korean is simple. The language is fun and interesting;
therefore it is not even like learning. Practicing this language is more like any other
hobby that I enjoy. Even when I have a full schedule, if I have to choose between
studying Korean and doing something else, I will usually choose to study.


Fangirling is still an important part of my Korean learning journey as it still served its primary role of
being my motivation and source of interest throughout this whole process. But unlike before, I do it
now as part of studying the language. And as I progress on learning the language I suddenly realized
that I became less and less of a fangirl and I just grew more as a language learner. I totally fell in love
in studying Korean because of deeper reasons which is beyond that of simply the current wave of KPOP
and boybands. I fell in love with the language because of its unique and interesting nature which keeps
me going everyday. It is such a beautiful language which challenges me and keeps me wondering “how
and why” certain things related to it came to be. And it keeps the fire of my passion to learn burning.

I actually wanted to quote the whole essays but it will make this post even longer XD. So the winners are..

Melinda Childs and Kat Detros

Congratulations! Your entries appealed to me and Archana! You will be receiving one book each according to what level that you want. Please email me your full name, full address and the level of textbook you want! Please send them before this coming Wednesday for I am planning to send the books by Friday^^

To those who were not picked, I’m really sorry but please do continue on learning Korean! It takes time and a lot of patience to be fluent or at least be good at it. I do know it’s hard to find books in some countries so I recommend TTMIK and Clare You’s Intermediate College Korean, both are good for self-study.

10 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

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  2. Congrats Kat!

    I totally totally missed this! I even put it on my planner… but I’m so fangirling Scent Of A Woman, thus I forgot it’s already the deadline.

    Congrats Jeannie too for a successful contest! :) And Happy Anniversary! :)

    • hi meloncreme!
      I was reading your blog and so happy to find typing practice application. It’s addicting! I’m looking forward to your new blog, fighting! ^^

      *Jeannie, sorry for taking this place to chat with meloncreme. :D

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