I’m Back!

Hi guys! It’s been actually a year since I last updated this blog! I’ve been really busy with work and I’ve been helping out my sister around the house because she gave birth to another baby. I don’t even have time to go out with my friends T_T so there’s been a lot of delays and such with some things. Since it’s been so long I had problems logging into my wordpress because I actually forgot my password and which email I used for this account! Anyway I’ll be writing about what happened to my learning journey so this post might be the first part of my year!

I got addicted to 해를 품은 달 when the year started and I’m still quite questioning myself why. Archana mentioned the books to me last year and I got interested especially when I found out that Hwon was going to be played by Kim Soohyun! I bought the books and learn quite a lot of things. I didn’t read them all by the way I just skipped those stuff that I wasn’t interested in and I find it weird to read an exotic(?) scenes in 사극 form. Got familiarized with 사극 speak, more Korean culture and tradition!

Reading the books made me more curious about Korea’s history so after the drama ended I endulged myself into watching more 사극 dramas! 공주의 남자, 황진이, 동이 and 바람의 화원! 공주의 남자’s the only drama I got to finish in the list because I got too hooked! While watching these dramas I also did a lot of research on history and details I noticed while watching. From how they read time back in Joseon, different kind of 비녀s and hanboks, ranks, the kind of society they had and etc. I enjoyed both watching and learning so I’m looking forward to more 사극 dramas!

Influenced by my 사극 dramas I went to 경복궁 last Valentines Day! ALONE! XD Sorry for the photos I really had to combine them together because there’s so many.

I’m always about novels and Korean textbooks that sometimes most of the time I couldn’t help myself but buy more. I bought a Topik book last spring and I regret it! The explanations were horribly done even though it’s in English and you’ll just give up on it because you’ll never get what it’s suppose to say. On the other hand I bought two books about history! Thanks to Nora for recommending me Seoul Selection! I bought the translated version of Samguk Yusa and Korea, Old and New: A History. I wish they could’ve just written the names in 한글 because it’s quite confusing to read them romanized.

I lost interest in Kpop and I didn’t watch much dramas neither in summer except 응답하라 1997!  A friend told me to watch it when I was whining about how bad the dramas on tv were XD. I got hooked easily! The theme of the drama was so good though it had some flaws but I don’t really care. It’s your kind of drama I swear! I’m pretty bad at explaning on how awesome it is but you should watch it if you haven’t!

I haven’t been studying Korean for months now so I don’t think I really improved that much. My writing and speaking is better than before now since my church friends and I always exchange messages on our little 카톡방.

I’m trying to learn Japanese again! Since I completely forgot everything I learned in my Jap class before I’m starting from the beginning which is learning hiragana and katakana OTL. I don’t have my japanese textbooks with me here so I’m relying on pdf files I downloaded online. I drifted away from watching Korean dramas instead I watch Jdramas now. I learned quite a few vocabs and grammar through watching though I have no idea how to write them down as of yet.

I have so many things to blog about but this is getting long so I’ll probably just post them next time! I hope you guys are well^^


8 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. YAAAAAAAY! Good to see you back in the blogosphere, Jeannie. Remember when we were both dying over 해품달? It seems so long ago. And you were so right about 응답97, there’s something in there for everyone! And I love all your photos – go to more places! Haha. Good luck with Japanese~

    • Yeah 해품달 feels like ages ago! We we both crazy but you got out of it faster than I did XD I’m so glad you’re watching 응답97! I told you it’s fun!

  2. Welcome back. You’ve had a busy year so far. I haven’t watched any of the dramas you mentioned — I was busy during the moon/sun craze, but I love historical dramas so I’ll probably get to them eventually. I have the same TOPIK book. The English explanations are atrocious but the Korean ones are okay, so I finished the whole book by just reading the Korean explanations and it was fine.

    • Yeah it’s great to be back indeed! I got through the Topik book by the Korean explanations as well. You should watch 응답하라 1997!

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