Random Things I Learn

I haven’t been really studying both Korean and Japanese lately—and I’ve been using this line for the last couple of posts lol. As you all know I’m very lazy that’s why my progress in Korean is very much slow compared to those who actually started learning the language later than I did. But that doesn’t mean I’m not learning anything! I randomly learn stuff from the things I see on tv and online.

So the other day I really wanted to write something on the foggy window of the bus I was on because I was that bored! I know I’m so random! I wanted to write something that’s cool so I looked for a Japanese song title on my ipod that I could write. I found miwa’s  春になったら and wrote that on the foggy window without knowing what it means. Yeah, I wrote the Kanji as well without knowing the right strokes but I’m now familiar with that character which is great because I know it’s important to know Kanji.

I was curious on what the song title means so I looked it up on Naver by using their Korean-Japanese dictionary because it’s just easier. I think it means “봄이 되었다/ 봄이 되면” or “Spring has come/If spring comes”. 春 can be read as はる or しゅん which means spring and になった is past/ or present form (not sure) of になる which is 되다. I have no japanese grammar knowledge yet I’m just guessing what it means but I’m glad it’s right when I asked my friend about it. Thanks Zara!

And today I posted a photo of Rurouni Kenshin on Kakaostory and I wanted to at least write the name in Japanese and so I did. I was a confused with the Kanji of Kenshin’s name so I stared at the poster and looked for the right one when I typed it in. るろうに剣心. I found it. I’m already familiar with the character 心 and don’t ask me how I learned it because it’s a long story. I wanted to know what the characters mean so I went to look for it. るろうにんmeans 유령자 (vagabond) and 剣 means 칼 검 (sword) and 心 means こころ or 마음 in Korean and heart in English. I got it! No wonder why that’s his name.

Kind of strange but before when I first learned Japanese back in my university I wasn’t really into it even though I was learning a lot in class. Now it’s really different for I feel excited whenever I learn something new! The same feeling I felt when I was first studying Korean. I guess I’m having “the kick” to be more passionate in learning Japanese!

I also learn random things in Korean and though I’m not really studying it much I’m quite surprised with myself whenever I read news because I can fully understand them! I don’t know how that happened but that feels good at least.

So how about you? How are you learning these days?

PS. For those who are curious about what happened to my naturalization interview I’m sorry I’m not going to share it here because I already ranted everything on twitter.


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