Korean Diaries and Pens

Happy New Year!

It’s already 2013! I can’t believe how 2012 went by that fast! How was your new year? Did you guys made resolutions? I did some though I doubt I’ll stick to them hehe. For my first post this year I’d like to share about Korean diaries and pens that I have.

I’ve been obsessing about decorating my 2013 planner/diary! Been writing one every year since I was in 5th grade. It makes me laugh whenever I read the old ones I have. I’m glad that I write one every year because I can reflect on whatever I did in the past and just laugh about them in the present.

My old planners/diaries are left back in the Philippines and these are the ones I have brought with me. The Alice in Wonderland diary was my 2010 diary, blue one on the left was my 2011 diary and the white one on the right is my 2013 diary.
IMG_0391I love this part of my 2010 diary! Tickets of concerts I’ve been to and the movies I’ve watched.1A look inside my 2013 diary.2Now with drawings and more colors ^^.3Inspired by those 다꾸 (다이어리 꾸미기) blogs I saw on Naver I did all those drawings on my diary which I think makes it really cute XD.

Now I’ll show you my pen collection!5I’m obsessed with pens! And I do really use all of these! Some of them are really pricy though T^T.

Staedtler pens which I love for coloring are 1,000won each! I didn’t buy all at once though there’s a one whole pack of them with all the colors. I also use Monami pens for coloring and the pens have 2 sides for fine and medium. Dong-A Fine Tech RT pens are the only black pens I have! XD I bought them the other day because I really don’t have one! They’re okay I guess but I feel they’re more 0.4 than 0.3mm O.o. Then my favorite pens which are Pilot Hi-Tec-C and Dong-A Fine Tech pens! They are all around 0.28-0.3mm. They all look like candies right?

Here’s a list of 다꾸blogs that you should check out!

Sor Sora | 헤수니 | Guyang | 단발머리쫑아 | 펀치넬로

6 thoughts on “Korean Diaries and Pens

  1. Wow! Envious of your pen collections!!! <3
    I also always have a planner every year. It's been 13 days since the 2013 started and I haven't finished designing my planner for this year. Thanks for the idea! So these are called 다꾸!!! :)

  2. My planner is boring.I don’t know how to draw T_T I love pens too.I’m very picky with pens.I don’t like those which bleed or easily run out of ink.Your drawing is so adorable ><

  3. Obsessed with pens too XD and your planner is so pretty lol I don’t have the skill to draw like that so its a “pass”! on making such a pretty planner lol :)

    Its actually really hard to find such fine tip pens, where did you get yours? I only managed to find 0.04mm on an online store (^_^)

    • Thanks for the comment! I sometimes don’t write on my diary because I’m too lazy to decorate XD There are a lot of ways to decorate like putting magazine clippings and stickers. I bought my pens at 교보문고 but since some of them are expensive I go to small stationary shops because some pens are only 500won.

  4. Where are you? Please don’t stop posting! I found your blog by chance and, although I’m not studying korean, I find it such a beautiful language. Please keep up the audioblog too!

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