Korean Language Resources

I will try and give you an honest reviews about the materials I use in learning the Korean language such as books, online language tools and stuff.

What you can find online.


  • Naver Dictionary – (Eng-Kor/Kor-Eng) An online dictionary that also offers examples of word being used in sentences and grammar structure.
  • Korean Pronunciation Guide – A site that can help you with pronouncing 한글 and also guide you with sound changes and intonation in the language.

Korean Online Tutorials


Books that I use in studying Korean are the following:

  • Seoul National University’s 한국어 (Korean) Series 1-4 – As you can see I have all 4 of them. The first two books were given to me by my mom who used them to also learn Korean and the rest I bought in Korea. It has audio tapes too. I use this often for my studies since it’s comprehensible, it has good grammar explanation and activities. What I love about this series is their aim to proficiency in every lesson and level. This book is being used in universities in Korea to teach foreign students. Recommendable for self-study purposes too. SNU 3 & 4 are mostly written in Korean which make it more challenging. It cost 15,000 won in Korea. Check it out here.

  • Seoul National University’s Korean Practice book series 1-4 – I actually don’t have one of these but I managed to borrow one from a friend. I think it’s very useful. You can purchase this along with SNU’s Korean series. You can practice what you have learned with this book. Some grammar points and further explanation can be found here in this book. Check it out here.

  • GANADA Korean for Foreigners Elementary 1 – This is the first ever Korean book I had. I got this when I was in 5th grade, also a pass-me-down from mom. I think it’s good for self study. It also has audio tapes along with it. Used in Korean Language Academy here in the Philippines. Check it out here.

  • Korean Made Easy for Beginners – I think this book is good for those who want to learn Korean quickly. In my opinion this book is only for survival while you are staying in Korea for a week or something. I bought this for 24,000 won. You can find this at your local bookstores or simpy in yesasia or amazon^^

  • Contemplative Korean Reading 4th Grade – A book that will challenge your reading and comprehending skills. It’s also being used in universities in Korea. Written in Korean with no English translations. The topics and stories in this book are interesting. Recommendable for advance learners. Check it out here.

  • 한국어 III by Minsistry of Culture – I really don’t know where this book came from, I think in Yonsei University? Not sure. I love how diverse and how honest this book is. The dialogues are funny and straightforward. Colloquial and realistic topics can be read here. Adequate grammar explanation and interesting topics.

  • Using Korean: A Guide to Contemporary Usage – An easy to consult , essential for all those who wish to take their Korean beyond beginner’s level. Highlights those areas of vocabulary and grammar which cause the most difficulty to English speakers. Recommendable since it offers clear and adequate explanation. Check my friend, Hangukdrama’s review on this wonderful book.

  • Making Out in Korean – Funny book title there huh? What you can learn from here? A bunch of funny phrases, curses and uhm yeah. Read Matthew’s review on this one.

  • Korea Unmasked – It’s a good book to learn more about Korea’s culture. Unbiased. It’s a comic book and it’s fun to read. It’s pretty much honest. You’ll learn a lot. Check out Matthew’s review on this book.

Wondering why I didn’t post any dictionaries? I have tons and I don’t think it needs a review. ㅋㅋㅋ

I study with..

…this baby! An electronic dictionary is a must when you’re studying Korean. I bought this in Korea. I’m using iRiver Dicple Multimedia Dictionary D5. It’s small, convenient to use and it has Kor-Jap, Kor-Chi dictionaries as well. For more details check this out.

I’ll add more next time since I left a couple of books out. I hope this helped you. Too bad not all of these are available in the Philippines. I hope someday I’ll get to find some in the local bookstores.

image credits to: hanbooks.com and amazon.com

11 thoughts on “Korean Language Resources

  1. Where can you buy the SNU’s books? are they sold in the Philippines? If not then its ok..
    By the way if you don’t mind me asking why are staying in Korea?

    Thank you!

    From a fellow filipina

    • hello there. I bought all SNU books in Korea. They’re not available in the Philippines. My family is in Korea that’s why.^^

  2. The Ganada 1 was also my first book. I have Making out in Korean too. And frequently visits the library because of Using Korean which is really really wonderful! ^^

    • My Ganada 1 is so ancient! It’s already 11years old. I love Using Korean! It’s really a good resource book. Thank you for leaving a comment^^

    • You can buy the books here http://www.hangulpark.com and gmarket for the electronic dictionary but to be honest with you since dictionary apps are available on smartphones you should not invest on e-dictionaries since you will hardly use them.

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